On this page we would like to introduce you to the Zimmer.Obst Classics. Basic products in the typical Zimmer.Obst design.

Our playground equipment is made to order only and is not serially produced. Modify a product of your choice under our guidance and turn it into a one-of-kind play experience.

Upon request, we will provide you with a current price list for our Classic Products or provide a customized offer.

There is a new category in our Classic Catalogue!


Look here for various play equipment for small children aged 0-3.


We can plan and conceive entire playgrounds – custom-designed and age appropriate – based on a theme of your choice.


Our U3 play equipment puts great emphasis on safety and its implementation in practice.  Finding a balance between the equipment’s design, its use in promoting exercise and fun and the all-important need to comply with safety requirements is one of the biggest challenges we face.


Our U3 designs for toddlers are playfully conceived and offer fun in discovering and learning basic skills.