In the prelude to redesigning the schoolyard of an integrated district school at Lehe / Bremerhaven, a workshop was held to gather input from with the children. It emerged that the main thing that the students had in mind was a play sculpture entitled “Chat room”.
The Bremerhaven parks department invited us to participate in the competition and thus we submitted a design reflecting the student’s ideas and thoughts. Our creation won over the students, teachers and parks department.
The outer part of the cube creation devised serves as the “computer casing” and is partially modeled upon computer screen elements. On the inside, the Chat room offers groups of children the possibility, on the one hand, of moving about, and on the other hand, of withdrawing to the “far corners” for talking or relaxing.
Using oversized abstract headphones made of A2 steel, it is even possible to chat with another “audio chat” branch. The two headphones are connected underground via a PE tube. Keyboard keys are mounted across the outer cube walls and serve as climbing grips. Thus, the chat room’s outer walls become a climbing wall that is difficult to climb.
After the fall vacation 2010, children were able to use the chat room as excessively as they pleased.