Pasture Hideout and Danube Playground for State Garden Show 2014

Deggendorf opened its 2014 State Garden Show under this motto.
The goal was to develop the areal between Deggendorf’s Old Town and the Danube in a sustainable way. The intention was to move the city closer to the Danube; thus, an area comprising 17 hectares was reconstructed.

In close cooperation with Zimmer.Obst GmbH, the Berlin landscape design office k1 (Herr Klapka and Frau Kuhn) built several play systems on the lower shore of the Danube as well as in the upper area of the garden show.

The “Meadow Hideout” is an adventure playground that was integrated in the pasture area along the Danube (alluvial areas for floods) near a natural stock of trees. Cocoon-like climbing objects can be reached by passing along balancing leaves, rope and wooden towers through a 6-meter-long rope crawl tunnel.

These unique sculptures were made for Zimmer.Obst by sculptor Sergej Dott.
Interactive art and play objects were developed from a steelwork construction that was wrapped with ropes and jute materials and outfitted & hardened with the help of GFP material.
Children and adolescents can balance, climb, slide, crawl and surmount obstacles together.

The “Danube Playground” is a spacious play area that stretches from the embankment promenade to the curved track.
An arched, blue band (the course of the Danube) made of an elastic synthetic (EPDM) forms the central element and connects several play areas with various exercise and physical activity opportunities that are meant as abstract representations of cities along the banks of the Danube.
Zimmer.Obst build several balancing and climbing objects here. Among others, a large “crown” was created on which one can climb 360°, a play castle backdrop (Vienna) and a round swing of globes (freely suspended globes made of woven rattan).
This “city tour” along the Danube is an invitation for little visitors to experiment, discover and play together.