The city of Mönchengladbach was accepted into the urban development program “Socially-Integrative City” in 2010. The objective was to create city districts that are more appealing for working and a living environments.
Playing in the Town Center
The children in the Rheydt town center were also taken into consideration. As part of the “Socially-Integrative City” program, the “Playable City,” concept was implemented in the city center. Thus, five new play and physical activity spaces for children were designed.
The Dortmund planners continue doing that which distinguishes the overall project “Socially-Integrative City of Rheydt”. Unlike many other projects, the city’s citizens were the main focus here right from the start. In workshops, regular meetings at the district office, and through intensive contact with the surrounding business people as well as children at adjoining facilities, ideas were collected and wishes were expressed. Detailed plans for the five play islands were compiled by the landscape architecture office of Schumacher, Gasse, Schramm, who also took care of implantation planning.
Zimmer.Obst was selected for the execution of two of these play islands.
Marien Church
In the rear area of the Marien Church, right next to a bookstore, a new play station was set up. All play equipment here references the topic of books. Children are thus able to crawl like bookworms over huge books, climb piles of books and balance on book spines.
Market Street
In a triangular area on Market Street, next to cafés and restaurants, the idea for a juice bar was implemented.
Stylized slices of fruit made of wood and mugs with straws sticking out of them set the tone here. You can balance on a twisted straw, climb up and jump from one slice of fruit to the next. To offer protection from falls, the ground has been covered with rubber granules. A lounge-like sitting area has been provided for parents and bystanders.