Salt King (Salzkönig)

Playground designers used ideas drawn from several children’s contests for the “Salt King”-themed project at the State Garden Show 2010.
The adaption of this playground theme to a recreational area was conducted along “trail-blazing play stations” past the “Blackthorn Labyrinth.” This labyrinth reveals the ancient story of the Salt King and his legendary treasure. Upon finding and entering the secret chamber, visitors behold a carved secret map showing the way to the Salt King’s treasure. Climbing, jumping, hopping, guessing and “measuring-up” activities captivate the children’s attention. And abundance of so-called “salt ghosts” can be encountered in their hiding places or lurking about and grimacing from behind trees.
A low rope-garden is positioned along a clearing; it demands all the courage that can be mustered for those children who wish to pass through this “dangerous Salt Stick Garden” and negotiate “Sulfer Lake” without touching it. Once the rope garden has been crossed, the next goal can be seen in the clearing ahead. It is the “Crystal Tower” in which the Salt King’s treasure can be found. Inside this structure, in a showcase located in the salt tower’s highest chamber, the “Giant Terra Salt Crystal” is waiting to be discovered.