Playground in the Park am Buschkrug

LOT. 1: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark

Play areas “The Big Duck Pond at Bullerby” and “The Scandinavian Market” for children between three and six years of age.

All Scandinavian countries are connected via “that big pond”, which is officially called the Baltic Sea! Another strongly uniting element are the vacation homes that can be found all over Scandinavia; they are painted with the typical Scandinavian striking red and white.

Play area 1 “The Big Duck Pond at Bullerby”
The unifying element for all play areas are docks and bridges that snake through the entire playing surface and thus make entry easier for mothers with baby carriages and children with handicaps. Seat boxes and benches are located at the edge of the docks from which visitors can always keep a good eye on their children.
Our imaginatively designed play world for the very young is visible from far away with its colorful ducks and lovely Swedish houses. By means of a signpost on which the names of the four countries are written in their respective language, and the flags that are attached to the houses, visitors are quickly aware that they are now located in Scandinavia.

Thematically, we let ourselves be inspired by the great Swedish children’s stories.
The children in these stories play a lot in nature and are very fond of animals.
That is why we decided to do the duck pond in addition.
Furthermore, the children will find great see-saw and springer elements, lounger webbing and hammocks, crawl tunnels, ground level climbing and balancing elements and a wonderful slide for toddlers.
But that’s not all! There is much more to discover behind the play houses.

Play area 2 “The Scandinavian Market“
The children in the Swedish stories are independent and also like to go shopping at the market alone.

Visitors to the playground need only go around the play houses and over the dock to find themselves in the hustle and the bustle of the marketplace. Market stands are waiting there where bread, vegetables and, of course, licorice and candy canes can also be purchased. Two wagons equipped with various climbing and balancing elements stand waiting, as does a horizontal bar between carrots and “the clamor of ducks” as a springer element with a lounger net. A “ladder truck” with a sand hoisting contraption serves as a sliding platform with a slide for toddlers.
Toddlers mainly discover their world through role playing. To support them with their imaginative play, we offer several graphic objects as ornaments. These lie scattered about the marketplace, for example pumpkins, loaves of bread and heads of lettuce.

The low and easy balancing courses make it possible for the youngest children to train their motor skills and sense of balance without any major risk. In the process, the children either give it their all or intentionally choose the more difficult play elements to rise above themselves.

Straightforward and gentle intervention is nevertheless possible from the outside when accompanied. The close interaction between children of various ages promotes social behavior and presumes mutual consideration. By communicating with one another during joint play at the playground, potential language barriers can also be overcome (helps boost integration of children with different cultural backgrounds).