Welfengarten (House of Welf Garden)

The ideas for this building project in Hanover came from Frau Schindler of the planning and construction office of the Parks Department.
A round limestone wall with gaps and openings for climbing was planned. A varied offering for play along the wall was to be developed by us. Our idea was to build a structure using wood, steel, ropes and a scoop slide with a curved sliding path. Active play along both sides of the wall was to be encouraged through our design. It was necessary to devise a frame to integrate all of the required content as part of the course of play. This would also establish suitable connections at the breaks in the wall and provide a colorful contrast to the clean background of the limestone wall.
True to historical fact, the wall (castle) is visible on the grounds from afar and there are only a few visible access points at the outer wall. But within the wall ring, a dense climbable structure opens up; the wall’s internal space is accessible for play at various heights via decks and suspended roped-surfaces. An observation balcony and a slide deck with a curved scoop slide are also on hand.
Somewhat further away, in front of the gates to the castle wall, so to speak, a trolley has been left abandoned. The weight for the age-worn wooden wheels was probably just too great.
In the sector for small children, play equipment in the shape of an old wooden cart was developed. Children can climb over the old wagon wheels, package freight, crates and barrels. Once at the top, the reward is a short slide back down. It is also possible to climb up using a net surface. Be careful with the drawbar, it wobbles quite a lot.