To participate in a garden show is always a special honor and the Zimmer.Obst team is very proud to have been a part of two such state horticultural shows in 2006.
In Winsen/Luhe, we were commissioned to redesign the main playing area. Herr Steffen from Hamburg’s Schaper+Steffen+Runtsch got into contact with us early on. Owing to the consistently high quality of our work, we were awarded the contract to redesign a playing area that had been in use for a long time. The playground that we came across had a nicely modeled playing area with wave-like paved edges, a standard play ship and a simple tower with a long scoop slide. The old pinewood equipment had seen better days and needed to be replaced. The plan was to revisit the time-tested play ship theme - though in a modern, updated interpretation.

The ship’s design conceived by Frank Zimmer is unique. By dividing it into bow, wavy gangplank-climbing facility and stern components with a play tower it’s not necessary to commit to just one play backdrop. This concept ensures the best possible play quality. A new perspective is offered no matter from which side one views the playground. From one side you can see the ship and from another you can see the port facility, castle or construction area.
A 7-meter high coastal tower is part of the playground facility and boasts both a scoop and tunnel slide. The tower was positioned on the crest of a 3-meter high mound in order to give Winzen a landmark that is visible from far away. And, of course, the views from the upper tower windows are spectacular. It is possible to access the tower and its deck in several different ways.
The hill features a natural stone stairway and, as a special challenge, we also incorporated a balancing and climbing system onto the slope. Across beams and nets, children can ascend the slope all the way to a tower entrance.