Baden-Baden organized a call for tender for a new playground in Cité Bretagne, a virtually untouched new development area that is currently being developed. Specifications for this green area’s design were meant to generally align with the “Brittany” theme, in other words, a small Breton fishing village, a fish trawler and a fish monger or something of that nature.
In collaboration with our new field service employee, Herr Maier, we came up with designs and ideas for the above-mentioned theme. The goal of the competition was to devise playground equipment and structures with a consistent design language while also integrating pertinent design elements, for example, seagulls, fish, seashells and the like. The muted, no frills approach of our maritime-themed construction design catapulted us ahead of our competitors. The almost classic design of the discreetly grouped playground equipment and objects forges a very cohesive form language. The balance between the structures’ visible wood in combination with colorful accents was deemed very successful.
Following a commissioning in October 2011, the equipment was delivered and installed– in consultation with the landscape gardner – just one month later. Advancing and evolving this new development area for families with children will be much easier in a child-friendly environment.