Pirate Playground at Konrad-Veix-Stieg

Redesigning the playground at Konrad-Veix-Stieg, which had seen much better days, was the starter project for the Neuallermöhe residential development venture.
An observation platform shaped like a canal boat was already in place and subsequently redesigned as a pirate ship. The playground’s atmosphere is dramatically changed by the addition of new palisades and side walls, a cabin and a steering wheel, climbing ramps, extensive netting, a flagged-mast and a gathered sail. Several boxes and barrels serve at places to sit and as climbing opportunities. By mooring the boot at the floor of the stern and bow, which protrudes way beyond the waterfront, the children feel as though they are on the high seas.
Apart from this astonishing boat, there is a lot of other play equipment on the 4000-square metre-large grounds to be discovered!

There is a pirate-themed slide tower with a very long weir-like tunnel, a hanging bridge, a cableway (almost 30-m-long), a pirate hut and balancing beams, a hammock, cantilever swing, a slope podium with climbing ropes, climbing barrel and a little shark-shaped spring rider. Across the entire playground one can find carved, theme-based objects including parrots, amusing rats and skulls, all of which were fashioned with a great love of detail. All of these objects will stimulate kids to feel like they are a real pirate.
And that is exactly the kind of play that we want to convey with our customized, themed playgrounds.