The Heinz-Lang Park, which is located in at West city-center Stadtallendorf, was re-designed into a completely new, modern, multi-purpose play area. The playground was to revolve around the theme of “water” – an idea that was put forward by the city.
Our idea was to divide the 1230 m² large area into three adjacent playing areas whose main theme is “pirates”.
Playground 1 serves as a fishing village, Playground 2 represents a pirate’s cove and Playground 3 is fashioned as a shipwreck. All three playing areas are equipped with different playing elements, staggered by varying levels of difficulty to allow all age groups to play together. The compound includes several play houses, sand courts, climbing walls, slides, hammocks, swings, suspension bridges etc.
Evidence of cannonballs, even some that remain stuck in the walls of the pirate hideouts they struck, give an indication of exciting stories centered on gold, treasures and their pursuit.