Lake Illmensee lakefront swimming area

To make the Illmensee lakefront more attractive for tourists and children, we designed a playground under the motto “first settlers”. The objective was to convey to the children the kinds of experiences and adventures that were experienced by people in times past.
Directly at the lakefront, we set up a stranded fishing boat and a barrier-free fishing village with a gangplank connection to the fishing huts. This playground includes a slide for toddlers and crab-shaped spring riders as well as a weir-and-climbing course. Great love of detail went into the many little carving of fishes, crabs and other sea animals.
In close proximity there is a “quarry”, in which a large mud-play area, water pump, tables for mud-play, a water channel, a weir and an Archimedean spiral are located.
Adjacent, near a grove of trees, is another play island based on a “robbers are out and about in the forest” theme. A tall sliding tower that is connected to a robbers’ hut via a spider web, offers diverse climbing, hand-over-hand and balancing opportunities. A carved forest bird and a robber are on hand to bring out the theme more clearly for the children.