As demonstrated by the example of playground equipment design, this particular project shows just how important the field representative – with his/her knowledge of local conditions and traditions – can be.

Our field representative Frau Jaekel ( provided the decisive approach for the design of playground equipment as we brainstormed ideas during a meeting requested by the city of Lippstadt regarding the “Entree zum Grünen Winkel“ undertaking.

The traditional “Quietsche-Entchen” (rubber duck) race held in the tributaries of the Lippe (river) Im Grünen Winkel offered an outstanding design idea.

The image of an oversized, colorful rubber duck lends a constructive and formal design idea to the toddlers’ equipment, which includes a playhouse, climbing-sliding hill and climbing pole.
Framed within a “play oval”, the ducks swim about as though in a “tub” or little pond. Play elements fashioned as abstract “cattails” (or corn dog grass) discreetly underscore the given theme in Lippstadt’s “Entree zum Grünen Winkel”.