The city of Gelsenkirchen approached us in 2007 about creating two play areas for its city center. Presumably the architects had become aware of us through our work in the town center of Heilbronn. The project was for the station forecourt and the nearby Preute Square whose design was supposed to relate to Gelsenkirchen’s „Zoom” animal park. This is a truly outstanding zoo that has put into place an innovative concept for keeping and presenting the animals.

What needed to be kept in mind while drafting a design was the rather confined playing space provided as well as the requirement for low (falling) heights. Based on the recommended theme, we settled on the “giraffe” for our designs. The giraffe, of course, will have the appropriate farsightedness (for such an object) due to its long neck, which is visible from afar, and its small torso can be played upon. It is also suitably low for compliance with the low drop height requirements.
Thus, in 2008, “Giraffe Square” was constructed at the train station forecourt to serve as both an object for climbing and a signpost for the zoo. The structure of the giraffe surfaces harmonize distinctly with the background residence facades from the time of Germany’s rapid industrial expansion.