The new playground is located just a few meters away from the garden monument "Körnerpark", one of gravel owner Franz W.T. Körner donated green area. Franz Körner was a passionate archaeologist, long-distance traveler and botanist.
The design of the new playing area takes up the historical reference to the namesake and tells in the form of surface modeling and the design of the game elements the story of the Berlin businessman.

The playing area has been divided into two game zones.
For the age groups 0-6 years there is a play and experience fence
a separately protected game room with various play equipment equipped with giant giant sunflowers.

The "gravel dune" for the age group of 6-12 years characterizes the terrain significantly and underlines the play landscape in its 'pit theme'. Here are reconstructed finds from the former gravel pit in the form of playground equipment.
A whale skeleton climbing frame invites you to a variety of game play. A woolly rhinoceros tooth becomes a jig, a mammoth jaw bone becomes a balancing bar, and dinosaur tracks are everywhere.