Carsten Obst and Frank Zimmer are ZIMMER.OBST GmbH’s managing directors and creative heads. The former is a wood designer by trade while the latter is a qualified designer. Together, they already have more than 20 years of combined experience in the area of playground design.  

Even before the founding of ZIMMER.OBST GmbH, the twain worked together successfully on numerous projects.  As a team, they take advantage of synergies encouraged by their creative work environment to develop innovative play ideas.

The work of an “artistic wood designer” is characterized by sound carpenter’s craftsmanship and the superior ability to carry out customized implementation of our designs. An ability to think creatively and extensive experience are indispensible requirements for our (always) customized, artistic projects. Apart from these skills, our craftsmen must also be very familiar with the play equipment safety requirements as outlined in the EN 1176.  The creative execution of the design must at all times be in full compliance – both in our workshop and on-site during assembly - with the norms described therein.

The suitability of a new employee for this kind of work is not fully revealed until a phase a training and adjustment in our company has been completed over several months.  Things that are apparently simple, for example, working without a spirit level, can occasionally seem insurmountable. But our designs emphasize “curves” and “tilted structures.” To properly master this kind of work you need a keen sense and feel for a project and the tools beyond measuring instruments. What is also important for the quality and design of projects is an exchange of ideas and experiences with other staff members in our workshop.

Obst, Carsten

managing director / wood designer

Zimmer, Frank

managing director / graduate designer

Hansen, Henning / Dipl.-Ing.

production manager / engineer of wood technology

Didoff, Bärbel / Dipl. Kauffrau (FH)

business graduate / wood sculptor

Mauche, Steffen

official in charge

Heckt, Charlotte

layout / offer / publicity

Engel, Katrin

layout / offer

Greiner, Susann

layout / offer

Albersmann, Sascha / Dipl.-Ing.

Head of engineering / Dipl.-Ing.

Buß, Sylvia

architectural technician / CAD draftsman

Gräfe, Silke

accountant / Workshop and site management

Thomas, Jan

construction manager / master carpenter

Ewald, Thomas

foreman / carpenter

Briesenick, Mirko

workshop foreman / joiner

Biebrach, Robert

foreman / carpenter

Reinwald, Jens

foreman / carpenter

Richter, Daniel

foreman / carpenter

Sternberg, Lars

foreman / joiner

Veik, Thomas

Forestry master / sculptor

Ahmadi, Mehr Ali


Bloch, Jens


Borchardt, Edwin


Braune, Jens


Drescher, Paul


Ebelt, Markus

Maurer, GaLaBau

Jacoby, Pascal


Kaiser, Ulf


Keßler, Ralf


Miatke, Christian


Näther, Christoph


Redlich, Martin


Reschke, Andreas


Römer, Michael


Schnabel, Max


Scholtz, Michael

Wood processing mechanic

Spieß, Joachim


Zander, Robert

foreman / carpenter

Ziehm, Yves


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