TYPICALLY WOOD! – A product of nature with natural characteristics

For our work, the wood of choice is oak. In individual cases, however, we also process robinia and larch wood. Oakwood is characterized by its short fiber structure (minimal risk of splintering) and extreme structural strength. Once installed outdoors, it continues to harden year for year. This circumstance leads to very low maintenance play equipment that demonstrates hard-wearing properties on heavily used sections.  Oak can be divided into so-called “heartwood” and “sapwood”. Sapwood is the softer, living part of the stem just under the bark. This wood is not suitable for making playground equipment. We use just the inner wood of healthy trees, which may also have some branch knots. Healthy branches give wood its natural appearance and are a natural result of the tree’s growth. The presence of branch knots in no way impairs the stability of beams and planks used in our play structures. Loose branch knots or little unhealthy branches are removed and the spaces are closed using wooden dowels. Oakwood beams and planks (resistance class 2) may be processed into play equipment untreated, in other words, without chemical impregnation. Oak heartwood is classified as highly weatherproof.  The graying – over time - of oak wood, as well as the formation of wind and drying cracks, is a natural characteristic of this material. It is also natural for the wood to absorb and release moisture. “Wood is always working” and in this context experts speak of the “swelling” and “shrinkage” of wood. It thus becomes necessary to check and tighten the screw connections of a playground as part of the regular maintenance and upkeep schedule. This is indispensable for guaranteeing the equipment’s long-term stability.




Our wood constructions are fashioned exclusively in high quality, traditional carpentry and joinery work; the connections are lapped to increase strength. Additionally, we use stainless steel M12 x 120 mm wood screws. This ensures that the load reduction of the play deck’s downward beams isn’t absorbed solely by the screws but additionally also by the wood construction’s form closure. The structure is also free of any protruding screw heads. They are, however, perfectly visible during maintenance work and can also be easily-accessed.  All of the other constructions are built in accordance with the individual equipment design demands and static requirements. The screw connections are made of rust-resistant stainless steel, which eliminates the possibility of a reaction between the oaks tannic acids and galvanized screws. When the planks are screwed down, any holes are treated with a sprung borehole technique. Countersunk-head screws are also recessed so they do not protrude once the minimal wood drying process is finished.

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