Following an elaborate move at the beginning of 2006, it seems that we have found a final – due to its uniqueness – location.

At the edge of the “Am Winkel” industrial area in Spreenhagen, right at the Storkow autobahn exit, we are conveniently situated for both suppliers and visitors. Our radiant blue workshop is visible from afar. Boasting 1200 sqm., the workshop offers ideal conditions for working with wood. With its high walls and ceilings, which are supported by wonderfully large wood composite timbers, it permits extensive prefabrication work. This in turn greatly reduces the time needed for on-site assembly work – both in Germany and in the rest of Europe.

This allows us to be to take influence on - and control - the artistic work and process over a longer period of time. Our qualified staff of carpenters, joiners and cabinet makers is busy executing our ideas. A large electric gate allows passage of oak wood logs and prefabricated components; our large paved courtyard is ideal for loading and unloading the shipping company’s tractor-trailers. The working conditions for all of our employees have improved dramatically since moving to our new location. This will give us even more of an edge in executing our ideas and creating custom structures and play equipment – quickly, efficiently and using highest standards.

Why not have a look at our work?

Watch us as we work on a design, get to know our workshop. Let it roll!


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